HP's laptop hybrid - the Pavilion x360 -  is incredibly flexible. It bends and twists in unimaginable ways making it versatile enough to handle any obstacle. But, was is it versatile enough to find a ghost? That's what The Ghost Wave campaign aimed to find out. For several months, audiences around the world followed big wave surfer Ian Walsh as he used HP technology to hunt down a modern-day sea monster. The campaign existed primarily on social channels but was also supported with a full-length film, TV spots, rich media and a custom robot printer.

Case Study:


Ghost Wave The Film was originally released on HP's YouTube Channel and later published on different media outlets like Surfline.com, Red Bull Media, Outside Magazine, etc.


To build engagement around the campaign, we created a custom robot printer. By Tweeting the hashtag, users could be included on Ian's journey by having their handles printed on his surfboard in real-time. 


A custom YouTube Channel provided a hub where fans could engage with the campaign. The site consisted of three sections and a landing page with content evolving throughout the campaign. The Ride With Ian page contained a live feed of the robot printing Twitter handles on the surfboard. Along with this feed, an interactive map allowed users to check out surf conditions around the world. The Conversation page became a social hub for the #BendTheRules hashtag while the final page, x360 Films, showcased featured subjects who were trailblazing Rule Benders in various fields. An interactive product overlay provided a chance to really explore the product through a 360º user controlled spin.

Fans were able to vote for the place with the craziest waves to help influence Ian's journey. Users based their decisions on real time data from Surfline that showed weather and storm activity along with wave heights.

The Conversation Page aggregated all of the #BendTheRules content from people all over the world. Users showed us how they bent the rules with Tweets, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos. Animated infographics showed pulses of activity as more submissions came in.